Celebrating something special and want to look your absolute best? Silly question – of course you do!

With April Foster Bridal, you’re in luck. By hiring an experienced makeup artist and hair stylist with an eye for clean, modern looks, I don’t just cover your face in a bunch of products – I take the time to create a completely customized look that highlights all your natural beauty!

Pamper yourself with a relaxing Special Event package before taking engagement photos or a maternity shoot. Who says hiring a makeup artist only has to happen for a wedding?

Before your special event, come down to my welcoming studio, Union Coterie. Located on Union Street in the charming Marina District, your consultation begins with one of the toughest questions I’ll ask: tea, champagne or espresso?

During the consultation, we’ll go over your ideas and talk about what will work best for your skin, personal style and the event itself! I don’t want to just be your makeup artist, but I want to be your trusted friend – someone you know will have your back and make sure you’re stepping into that special event like a goddess.

At April Foster Bridal, my team and I are obsessed with all things beauty – we love taking any opportunity to help our ladies look and feel beautiful, both inside and out!