There are so many things to think about on your wedding day, but your hair and makeup shouldn’t be one of them!

April Foster Bridal isn’t just about makeup application – we’re like that confidant you need that will be there with one job in mind: to make you look and feel your best for the ceremony and those essential wedding photographs.

Two pampering packages are available for brides and their bridal party:

The Essential Experience – When you need something basic, without looking basic.

  • Wedding day hair + makeup application
  • Custom lash design (optional)
  • Airbrushed foundation (optional)
  • Preview consultation (up to three hours in our San Francisco studio)

The Classic Experience – Want the full luxe treatment? Go on, you deserve it.

  • Wedding day hair & makeup application
  • Custom lash design (optional)
  • Airbrushed foundation (optional)
  • Preview consultation (up to three hours in our San Francisco studio)
  • On-site touchups, photo styling and personal assistance for three hours
  • Travel up to two locations is allowed (prep + ceremony). Additional travel fee may apply if not in close proximity

April Foster Bridal takes the stress out of getting ready – between the soothing head massage and cooling aromatherapy for the eyes before getting started to assuming the role of morning coordinator (in addition to your wedding planner, if you have one) to ensure that everything is running on time, all you need to do is sit there and soak up the moment!

In addition to creating your bridal look, I’m on your team. What does that mean? I’ll be your personal beauty expert and be the one to manage all of the eclectic personalities (looking at you, Grandma) so you can get ready in a stress-free and fun environment.

What’s the difference between the two bridal packages?

When you just need me to do your makeup + hair and take off, the Essential Experience package is the way to go and gives you the bridal look we’ve planned out during the consultation!

For that seriously indulgent (and oh-so-worth it) package, the Classic Experience is your new best friend. I’ll stay after the initial hair + makeup application to make sure you look your absolute best after the ceremony and be that extra set of eyes focused only on you during wedding photographs – because let’s face it, those are pretty dang important. This is where a lot of brides wish they would have done something differently!

A wedding photographer is there to take all the shots you want for the album, but one of the biggest misconceptions is that any imperfections that appear on you or your bridal party after the ceremony will be photoshopped out of the images. Um, no – that’s not how it works.

The photographer is there to do a job and that’s what they focus on – but with the Classic Experience package, YOU’RE what I focus on. Sure, the photographer will make some color adjustments and might erase a glaring zit on someone’s face, but that’s about as far as they will go.

I make sure your makeup is still as beautiful as when I sent you down the aisle – I straighten the veil and check that the accessories are perfectly in place – I want your photos to be as perfect as you want them to be!